Lunchroom Table

After school my daughter gives me the low down on the day’s lunch table conversation and happenings.  I learn about all the awkward moments and such.  My sons don’t share this valuable information with me so I’m glad my daughter does.

I remember my school  table-mates reactions as I downed ketchup covered pickles (I don’t do that any more): LeAnn with her smile and laughter; Monique with her fun and spirited perspective; Jon and Jay with wit and charm; Melanie, Joylynn, Melody, Andrea, Rebecca, Brian and so many others who sat before me–many of their names faded from my memory.  I had forgotten how much I cared for these people.  Even though I have reconnected with some of these people through Facebook it doesn’t replace the conversation and connection.  I promise I don’t mix milk in my jello anymore.

I’d like to thank those who support me in this nurturing journey: the Yates family, Sheila, Chloe, Jen, Patrick, Raani, Christine, Eva, Jeff, Adam, Attila, J.C.L., Carolyn, DeAnna and so many others.  Thank you for your nurturing!

Thrive on as you connect.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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