Happy Mother’s Day


Tulip (Photo credit: sk8geek)

Mother’s Day comes during a very busy time of year when gardens are tended to, yards are mown, winter clothes are being put away, and birds give a concert every morning.  It is Spring; it is beginnings;  it is warmth of sun and chill of rain.

You may be wondering what gift to give your mother, wife,  or daughter this year.  Consider giving a piece of your heart and some precious time.

Ten Mother’s Day Desires

1.  I would love a nap.  I would love a full night’s sleep after the nap.

2.  I would like others to express polite manners around me.  Is it so hard to say “excuse me”,  “please pass the . . .”, or “thank you”.

3.  I would like the dishes to be taken care of without my asking.

4.  I would like flowers for no reason.

5.  Chocolate.

6.  Plan a vacation to Ireland or some other trip-of-a-lifetime.

7.  Two week sabbatical from housework-no cooking, cleaning, or laundry.

8.  Camp trailer/RV for summer excursions in comfort.

9.  Health.

10.  Peace and Quiet alternating with laughter and fun.

May all you mothers thrive in your nurturing and may the rest of you thrive in your honoring the mothers in your life.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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