Ten Best Gifts for Father’s Day for Free

1.  Forgiveness.  Dads will make you mad even when they mean well.  Let go of the emotion associated with the offense.  This is easier said than done but you’ll open up your heart to unconditional love towards your dad that will nurture your best self.

2.  Listen.  You’ve heard the stories and the advice a cajillion times but he needs to say it again so listen.  You don’t need opinions or perspective just eyes in his direction, a few nods, and a smile from time to time.

3.  Let Dad choose the game.  Yes it’s scrabble or chess and you really don’t enjoy it but this freebie will give him delight especially if you give it with a little joy.

4.  Let Dad choose the music on the radio.  This may be hardest for teens and twenties but you can and maybe  you’ll even like it a little.

5.  Let Dad choose the movie or sport event to watch.  I know golf makes you sleepy and the magnificent seven feels like nails on a chalkboard but you can give your pop some pleasure by viewing something with him for an hour or two.

6.  Clean the Garage or do yard work without being asked.

7.  Let him discuss politics. (see #2)

8.  Patience.  This gift is free; it is not always easy and sometimes requires deep breaths.

9.  Make his favorite treat.

10.  Express Appreciation throughout the year.

May you thrive has you nurture your father and to all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day!


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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One Response to Ten Best Gifts for Father’s Day for Free

  1. Mom says:

    Your 10 for fathers is very good for all relationship interaction. What you send out will come back.

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