I work for Hugs

In the many experiences I have as a professional nurturer and in observing other nurturers I am always amazed of the power of unconditional love-giving 100% without expecting anything in return.

So much of my life I have done good and expect something in return!  Recently I have been experimenting with an advanced knowledge of unconditional love.  We can hope for returns only when that hope is in knowledge that the other being is uplifted by returning love and/or gratitude.  To not expect any returns and then to get them is a joy I have no words to describe.

I want to make up bumper stickers and t-shirts with my new motto.  I don’t know if I will; most of my energy, at present, is solely involved in nurturing.

I work for Hugs.

Cash may fill my belly for a moment; Hugs fill my soul forever.

May you each thrive in all your experiments with unconditional love.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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