If You Only Had One Week

If you only had one week with your child before they travel thousands of miles away to a remote area of the world where you wouldn’t be able to call them or see them for a long time, what would you do?

Would you try  to teach them all the things you hadn’t taught him yet?  Would you nag her about packing and laundry? Would you stay awake at night thinking of lists to remember?   Would you hold him tight? Would you memorize her face? Would you be brave and tell him, “It’s ok to be afraid,” and then cry privately? Would her life flash before your eyes? Would you watch him sleep even though he’s grown up?  Would you make her favorite food and take her to her favorite places?  Would your heart break as they sing that song, the annoying one that sticks in your head, for the ten thousandth time?

What would you do if you only had one week with your parents before they went thousands of miles away where you might not see them for a long time?  Would you confess the things you did as a child?  Would you give forgiveness?  Would you make their favorite food?  Would you listen to their stories they have told a hundred times before?

Micro-nurturing is compressing the best of your love and care into a small amount of time.  Whether your loved ones are going  a hemisphere away or out of this world, you always have enough time to love.

May you love without fear and nurture every moment.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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One Response to If You Only Had One Week

  1. Mom says:

    Life is all about this very thought. The answer for me having had experience with loved ones passing on in just minutes and others being thousands of miles away for a time is to try to live each day as if it is your last so that there are no regrets only precious memories. Easier said than done. One persons perspective isn’t always another persons reality. Find the good and joy in all days. Thank you for this thought provoking message.

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