Dirt Road Daily #9: Priceless

Spending time with teenagers can be challenging but it is also fulfilling.  I think the best thing is get them out in nature one on one.

3 day canoe trip                                               1 1/2 hour hike

11 girls, 2 female/2 male chaperones         1 mom, 1 son

10 inhaled bugs                                              3 mosquitoes in my eye

stuck on boulders 15 x                                   3 stops to catch breath

4 roots hanging off bank trees                    100’s baby birch, pine, oak

1 tip over                                                          3 stumbles on trail

6-10 pee breaks/woods/river                      1  pee break off trail

5 walking canoe through shallows             1 hunting sign

20 rapids, strainers, logs . . .                        1 no hunting sign

5 frogs, 150 bugs, 2 campfires                      swarms of bugs, 5 toads

20 muscles I’ve never used sore                   4 muscles sore

lots of laughter and conversation                 he laughed, lots of conversation

3 days with my daughter. . .                           1.5 hours with my son. . .


May you enjoy the priceless moments with your loved ones and take the road less traveled.  It may not be your ideal of a good time but love can take you a long way to thriving.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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