Do You Buy “Whole Grain” Campagn?

We are surrounded by reminders to eat whole grains.  Unfortunately, the highly processed varieties aren’t exactly what we need.  New emerging evidence points to grains actually causing harm in  dosages  Americans consume.

Bromine, used in processing wheat flour and a pesticide in growing grain,  interferes with proper thyroid, nervous system,  and gastrointestinal function.  Phytic acid in grains contributes to deficient absorption of minerals.  Enzyme inhibitors in grains cause inept absorption of proteins leading to pancreas damage.  Sensitivities to grain proteins interfere with the neuroendocrine system contributing to depression and addiction.  Prenatal diets heavy in grains, dairy and processed foods have severely increased sensitivities/allergies.

If I knew what I know now I would have eaten very differently when I was pregnant and nursing.   I would have saved grains for treats and eliminate dairy and most processed foods.  I would not have given my infant/toddler cereals, grains or dairy until they were at least two.  I know my mother feels the same way.

It takes a lot of us suffering to change the future for our grandchildren.  Nurturers need to be proactive in their loved ones nutrition by learning information, not just from one source but several, and then experimenting on that knowledge in your life before sharing with those you nurture.  Information is abundant and overwhelming.  I trust my gut instinct, spirit barometer, still small voice, or whatever you call that feeling that says, “this is good” or “don’t try this”.  Perfectly good advice on paleo lifestyles, gluten-free nutrition, Fodmap diet, or blood type diet, to name a few, have given me information but I do not follow all of them completely.

If you’re not ready to go Paleo  or grain free then perhaps you’ll consider rethinking your grain consumption.  Grains are sweets–nature’s candy.  Yes they have nutrients.  The closer to their natural state the more the nutrients.  Most grains are acidic.  Oats and rice are more neutral but still sweet.  Quinoa, Amaranth, and buckwheat aren’t really grains, at least according to one article but they still have a high carbohydrate count/glycemic level.  So rice, oats, and these grain-like foods are really treats.  Eating cereal is dessert.  Rice cakes with nut butter, oatmeal with apple, amaranth cereal with blueberries–treats with nutrients.  Rice as a side is ok once in a while as is gluten-free pasta.

Rethinking how we eat is a challenge.  I can have salmon and greens for breakfast and oatmeal instead of ice cream for a treat but giving up my tortilla chips is going to be tough.  I don’t miss wheat or most things, but going without tortilla chips. . .uuuhh.

May you thrive in nurturing your best self.


Ji, Sayer and Melkonian, Tania.  Ancestral Diets.  Natural Awakenings, Oct.

2013, 26-27.


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