Dirt Road Daily #10 Ninja Nurturer

A ninja warrior has mastered stealth, self-control, defying laws of time and physics, not to mention the awesomeness of the black uniform.

Ninja nurturer’s must also master stealth, self-control, defying laws of time and physics, and black-uniformed-awesomeness.

Growing up in rural America I learned many skills that have helped me become the ninja nurturer I am today.

Stealth: In the country you learn to walk softly and be aware of where the wind blows.  When weeding with my children, or any other dirty job, I work up wind so I don’t get their debris in my eyes, become irritated, and yell.  Teaching children and youth skills of walking softly and knowing where the wind is blowing is important to helping them avoid irritation and conflict.

Self-Control:  One must travel far, work hard, listen carefully, and learn fast to thrive in rural life.  Power to enact these skills comes from taking care of myself.  When we care for our body, mind, and spirit we control our appetites, desires, set priorities, and establish boundaries.

Defy Time and Physics:  Climbing walls and suspending oneself mid-air would be useful but instead I learned slightly different skills to defy time and physics.  Working or studying through the night from time to time can accomplish needed tasks but a consistent burning the candle at both ends stumps even the strongest.  Instead I found camping in the woods with no clocks or phones provides time defiance.  When unable to camp in woods, I semi-hibernate somewhere in my house for an hour or more ignoring clocks and phones by turning them away, covering them, or leaving them out of the hibernation space (bedroom, basement, closet, car, etc.).

Defying physics is another camping-in-the-woods skill I found useful in my city life, particularly in public restrooms, and I have tried to teach my children these skills–to squat and pee without getting yourself wet.  Even boys need to scout terrain so their fluids don’t flow back over their shoes.

Black Uniformed Awesomeness:  Wearing black may be slimming but I found learning to walk around the house in total darkness more useful.  Why learn to walk around your home in the dark?  Get to crying babies silently (stealth) and efficiently (defy time) without hurting self on doors, toys, or shoes (defy physics).  Get to sick child before they spew vomit all over the walls (bedding is easily washed, carpet and walls not so much).  Get to child with nightmares before he wakes the other children . . . or your spouse who has a 6 am flight.  This skill can be applied to nurturing elders, pets, sick loved ones, or other loved ones with middle of the night needs.  It also comes in handy when you have insomnia or have to go to the bathroom in the night.  Glide to the kitchen for a drink of water, softly step to the loo, or calmly find your way to where you light won’t wake anyone as you’re cloaked in your black uniformed awesomeness knowing where all the chairs, walls and impediments are.

May you thrive as a Ninja Nurturer applying skills of stealth, self-control, time and physics defiance, and black uniformed awesomeness.



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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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