Brilliant red and gold dance among sun rays outside my window.  As soon as the cookies bake I’m going to go for a walk.  This beautiful scene in the midst of season-changing-cold creeping in and the busyness in our daily routines reminds me of how important we nurturers are in this world.  we are not the brilliant colors but the air that moves them, the rain, sun and soil that nourishes.  We are behind the scenes of glorious.

The child who receives an award or achieves an accomplishment has nurturers (parents, teachers, grandparents, etc) behind them.  The man or woman who feels successful has nurturers supporting and assisting them.  Whether home based or work abroad, nurturers are the power that moves individuals, communities, and nations.  We just don’t get the media attention.

Attention in our society places emphasis on dramatic entertainment.  Psychology tells us that when we give attention to negative behavior (criminals, dictators, politicians, celebrities, war atrocities), our attention is positive reinforcement.  Media attention encourages  repetition of  a behavior.

How can we seek glorious over dramatic?

1.  Take responsibility for our own actions without explanations or excuses.

2.  Don’t be offended.  When we take offense at someone else’s drama we add to it; we reinforce the negative behavior.

3.  Ask questions with a soft voice.  Soft answer endureth drama.  Soft means your tone of voice is calm, semi-quiet.  In other words bite your tongue when you want to criticize and ask a question instead.

4.  Always give 100% and expect nothing in return.  This doesn’t mean you don’t have expectations of positive behavior from others–you do.  It means you don’t expect them to credit and praise your for your nurturing.

Create glorious today and thrive.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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