Wandering Wonders

Our home has always been a laboratory.  A space for laboring over experiments in healthy foods, finding answers, “Mama, how does this work?” or “why does this do that?”  I’ve always wanted to encourage my children and others I’ve nurtured to explore and experiment, to ask questions and seek answers.  I felt this was a path to wisdom and peaceful existence.

I highly recommend the reading of The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes.  This brilliant biography of romantic era scientists and their influence, especially on the literary giants of the age–Coleridge, the Shelleys, Blake, is the beginning of our modern life.  Electricity, flight, knowledge of space and time, medicine, and technology came from this era.  The book also touches on the religious and spiritual impact that these scientists began to wrestle with–some chose atheism while others quite the opposite.

As a nurturer,  new knowledge encourages me to ask questions, seek answers, experiment on new theories or old, and change my perspective of the universe and my unique place within it.

So I will wander, wonder, hope and seek in my quest of higher good through nurturing.

May you enjoy your wandering wonders as you nurture today.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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