Chocolate Chaos vs. Semi-Hibernation

I’m Scrooged.  It seems that no amount of Hallmark movies, carols, hymns, decorations and chocolate inspire feelings of joy.  Instead, I feel a growing desire to hibernate, to be quietly productive instead of social, and skip this holiday humbug altogether.

Chocolate has its benefits, especially when it’s dark and low in sugar.  It soothes the anxiety, unless I think about dental care, and it provides temporary satisfaction.  I know I shouldn’t indulge while getting through the traditions.  Is it nurturing to skip traditions?

Knowing I’m an introvert (see Dr. Marti Olsen Laney’s book, The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child) and my brain pathways are longer which means I need some quiet alone time to recharge my batteries.  If I am constantly chipping away at the never-ending to do list,  I’m not recharging my batteries even if I am alone and its quiet.  Understanding the body’s need to semi-hibernate I need to have quiet time in order to get through the holidays.  This includes reducing the to-do list and rethinking Christmas traditions.

1.  Who am I kidding?  I have no great advice on how to accomplish this feat.

2.  I’ve tried enlisting family members help and I’ve thought about letting things slide like newsletters and cards.  I want to let people I care about know I care and a text message just isn’t enough.  Cards are boring and somewhat impersonal.  So now what?

3.  It’s past midnight and my brain is mush.  The laundry is only half done.  The tree is partially trimmed.  It’s the first week of December and I want to crawl under a quilt and nap until….March.

I used to get so excited and enjoyed the holidays until I tried to meet others expectations, or at least my perception of expectations.  I suppose the thought of disappointing others is what makes me feel like an endangered species.  I’m organized.  I just don’t feel any magic.  I’m not depressed or sad.  I feel happy but I’m not inspired or impressed.  I don’t want to survive the holidays; I want to thrive.

I think I need sleep, a fresh perspective, and less chocolate.  What do you think?

May you thrive as you tackle your own chocolate chaos and find a little semi-hibernation in this holiday season.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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