If your following Once Upon a Time this season you’ll notice that the residents of Neverland are not quite wild children–they are adolescent!  This is so very fitting.  Nurturers whacking their way through the jungle to save their beloved pre-teen only to find he’s in more trouble and he’s the only one to really save himself.  He ignores all those wiser adults and listens to Peter giving his heart to save magic.  Peter is really a selfish adult who sacrificed all to be young forever.  Are all adolescents selfish and/or deluded?

Adolescents feel empowered in their delusions that they know more than adults with life experience.  False confidence can follow any of us throughout our life.  Are we deluded in believing we can accomplish great things?  We must choose to stay in a delusional state or grow up and look at each situation through various perspectives.  I gave up my belief that I could dance pointe (ballet on your toes) after several foot surgeries.  I could be stubborn and proceed with this quest but looking from many perspectives I will not pursue this dream so that I may have the use of my feet for another thirty or more years.

As a nurturer who has taught adolescents and now has adolescent offspring, I am frustrated by their false confidence and concerned over consequences of well-meaning choices.  For some teens the choices of kindness to others, friendship, and assistance can lead to dangerous situations.  How can they navigate whether they can trust others?  How can they navigate whether they can trust themselves?

For a long time I’ve followed a Neverlandian philosophy of not trusting.  This has impeded my thrival in many ways.  I must learn to trust myself and God.  I thought I was trusting God, I was deluded into thinking so.  I had false confidence that my decisions were invested in trust but truly I had so much worry and fear that I didn’t trust as I should.

I am learning now.  I suppose when I prayed for guidance in dealing with my own adolescent children God saw that I was ready for this lesson.  His timing is always impeccable.  Overcoming our Neverlandian natures comes through:

1.  Listening

2. Visualizing the moment your in

3.  Allowing others and God to walk with you, assist you

4.  Trusting that your higher power can and will handle all events exactly as they should go for everyone’s highest and greatest good

5.  Expressing gratitude for the experiences that help you learn to thrive

If God made everything pleasant and allowed only peace would we learn anything?  Would we progress?  Would we desire to follow him?

This process will take time.  I guess we don’t really grow up at once but a little at a time.  Perhaps this doesn’t ease my frustration with adolescents around me or with myself but in time I hope these steps will change my thinking and my heart.

May we thrive in our quest to trust ourselves and our higher power.  May we thrive in converting the Neverlandians from delusion without losing all their innocence.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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