Semihibernation Awesomeness 2014

It is a brand-spankin’ New Year and it is not time to make drastic changes in your life. Now I didn’t say you couldn’t set some goals but you don’t start morning mile jogs in January!  Save them for April or September, which are great months to start drastic experiences.

Semi-hibernation is a human’s natural instinct to slow down and be introspective.  It lasts from January (post-holidays) until March (Spring).  This three-month period does not have to be stressful or dreary; I prefer restful and cheery.

Remember the days are shorter and your body does not want to be on high adrenaline.  Mellow out.  “How,” you may ask, “am I supposed to mellow out when my to-do list is eeeww and I didn’t complete any goals from the past five years?”

I prefer setting goals for the day.  If not completed I re-evaluate the goals importance and put it on the agenda for the next day if I think I should.  When the day is done I am enough.  Do I get frustrated at all the expectations that seem to scream at me? At all the unfinished tasks? You betcha.  Here’s some coping strategies that help me through.

1.  Don’t make an agenda or to-do list.  Sometimes a calendar of events and some post-it reminders are enough for me during semi-hibernation.

2.  Eat healthy but don’t change your diet drastically unless advised by a physician.  If you’ve done elimination or cleansing diets before this is a good time for another one.

3.  Eliminate as much sugar as possible.  This includes sweets, excessive juices, and grains.  Our bodies crave these things not because we need but because they have addictive properties.  If you’ve done sugar detox before then go ahead and do one now otherwise wait until April for drastic changes and make smaller ones now.

4.  Eat healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, salmon) and proper amounts of proteins so your body feels full and your brain has fuel.

5.  Read things that interest you, one book or magazine at a time.  Your public library is amazing!

6.  Research topics of concern.

7.  Watch favorite movies with family.

8.  Reconnect with your spiritual practices or explore them a little more.

9.  Exercise to keep your muscles from atrophy and help your brain and spirit function properly.  Yoga, dance, walking– your usual exercise routine.  Maybe you tone it down a bit depending on your schedule.  If you were not exercising before.  Make sure you do something fun and familiar like basketball or walking the mall.

10.  Love with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.

The Lord is my strength so I know I can love anyone if I put my mind and heart to it.  Serving others and forgiving are really great goals for this season of semi-hibernating.  Keep it simple.

May you thrive in 2014 as you semi-hibernate.  Learn, Love, Laugh.



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