Semihibernation Awesomeness 2014 #2: Trust

In my teens I became aware of my trust issues and had no idea what to do with them.  Over the years, layered doubts mocked my desire for peace.  Recently, trust came up as an issue I needed to work on.  As I pondered, meditated, and counseled with enlightened people on how I could at least trust God and myself, an inspiration came to me:  God has trusted me all my life.  He trusted me to be born to a grieving family because he knew I would comfort them.  He trusted me with physical and mental challenges because he knew I would find a way to overcome and cope, and bring compassion to others.  He trusted me with experiences in relationships that were difficult and painful because he knew I would learn to love and forgive.  God trusted me with one of his knights because he knew I would love him forever and help him remember he was a prince, that I would help him know his worth.  He trusted me with three precious ones because he knew I would assist them in growing faithful and strong and instruments in his cause.  He trusted me to be a part of so many children and young adults lives because he knew I would learn more than I taught and I’d love them no matter what.

If the Lord trusts me with these important people and tasks then I can learn to trust myself too.

I know that God trusts you too.

May you thrive in trusting God and yourself.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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