Dirt Road Daily#11: Urban Offroading Among Pothole Pirahnas

I do love a good winter, one in which the snow is something you can enjoy.  In playgrounds across the Midwest and other areas of the country, playgrounds have accumulated snow that is more like cement due to the below freezing temperatures.  If we hit the thirties my offspring are flinging their coats off thinking its hot!

Some of the main city roads and neighborhood roads have had snow and ice melt enough that the chewed up pavement feels more like driving in the mountains.  Good thing I learned to drive on dirt and gravel roads with ditches on either side–no room for error!

Here are a few ways to enjoy the piranha potholes in your area:

1.  Make up silly names for them like creepers falls or bumpty bump bump.

2.  Bless all the other drivers for going in the middle of the road and forcing you to pull over.  “Bless ’em,  Bless ’em.”  That way you don’t bring others wrath on you when you do the same.  (What you send out comes back to you).

3.  Find reasons to walk if the temperature is above 18 degrees.  Make sure your shoes/boots have good traction.

4.  Pretend your escaping a zombie apocalypse (this doesn’t work with teenagers in the car).

5.  Let your teenager drive, tell them to slow down every minute, and close your eyes. Use sparely.

6.  Pretend your driving the Indie 500 and someone bombed the track so you must glide through the wreckage using the entire road.  You can’t do this during high traffic.

7.  Don’t curse the debris hitting your car from the truck in front of you.  Thank God for the opportunity to meet new people at the auto repair and imagine their stories while waiting.

8.  Imagine Angels surrounding your tires like rubber balls so they bounce from hole to bump and over that big crack.

9.  Use the piranha potholes as an excuse to stay home and catch up on your scrapbook, picture editing, connections with cousins and son.

10.  When you make it home unscathed reward yourself with chocolate or some other treat.

May you thrive among the potholes of life!




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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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