Semi-Hibernation Awesomeness 2014 #3: No Destination

I feel it, can you?  The energy in the very air molecules we breathe.  The birds are singing louder even in the frigid temps.  They know it is coming.  The driving covered in ice doesn’t tell us or the concreted snow mounds in the yard, neither the ice hanging from the gutter or the breath visible, but the trees and birds know.  The world in our hemisphere is waking up.  Hope and longing creep into our layered limbs and we wait for the thaw.

I wonder at the trees in their brave journey on this earth.  They grow towards light when it is warm and sleep deeply while the winds and storms rage.  They seem to forgive damage, ignore chaos, and dance with the wind whatever its mood.  They listen intently, say very little and are the perfect examples of give and receive.  Their ability to be open and exchange with ease is a quality I admire.  Trees are the ultimate nurturers.  Even though the worst allergy symptoms arise as they awake I choose to love them and exchange with them.  I want to become a nurturer that has an open heart and can exchange–give and receive love and care.

In our journey with all phases of existence we have no destination.  “When I finish college everything will be fine.”   “When I get a better job. . .”  “When the kids move away. . .”  “When we have more money. . .”  We have stops along the way, mile stones, and that continues into eternity.  Our human approach is to exist fast and furious because we won’t exist at any moment.  This false notion of existence ending leads to much chaos in the form of fear and selfishness.  I hope as nurturers we can learn more from our tree neighbors and learn to peacefully exist in our endless journey by opening our hearts to receive all the universe/life has to offer.  Receiving nourishment is different than taking nourishment.

May you be patient in pondering your journey and be open to exchange.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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