Semi-Hibernation Awesomeness 2014: Fare thee well or welfare?

Fuzz in thought and droop dragging on.  I know Spring has been around for a month now but some bodies just don’t follow the seasons.  For me the unwelcome visitor I call the Depths hits in February or whenever I get hit with a virus.  I choose to be happy anyway.  That’s why I don’t call it depression, SADD, or any of its other names.  My mind is scattered between Neverland and the laundry.  I exercise to keep my muscles from atrophy and then I rest–quiet is the best medicine.  I’ve explored many things over the years and choose to flow through this shutdown by not having a schedule or constant to do list.  I excuse myself from saying yes to things because I already have an appointment–with myself.  I don’t commit to the kids wish list until I’ve thought it out carefully–which takes some time through the fuzz.  When panic creeps in, I breathe deep, stretch it out and force my body to flow in the type of movement I need my mind to flow.

I found this awesome magazine called live happy ( which has very few ads and lots of great articles and art work.  Its the science and practice of happiness.   I learned that I need to define happiness for my self and choose happiness now not when and if.  I catch myself when I say, “that makes me happy.”  Nothing makes me happy; I choose it.

I say farewell to Semi-hibernation for this year even though the Depths linger on.  Now its time to focus my energy on the welfare or well fare of happiness.

1.  When I wake, even if its 3 am, I choose happiness.

2.  I am aware to all the tasks undone and choose to eliminate those that don’t contribute to now.

3.  Thoughts become deeds, so my thoughts need to reflect desired actions.  In other words, I can’t be having an argument with Rumple in Neverland while three loads of laundry remain–unless I’m writing a story.

4.  Breathe deeply, exercise lungs to their capacity.

5.  Smile at self in mirror.  Reflect happiness to self.  Radiate positive energy–begin with self.

How do you define happiness?

For me, its the fact that I’m a child of God and am loved and nurtured.  That will never change so I can allow myself to be happy now–everyday.

May you thrive in your well fare.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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