The Deal with Dads

I know Father’s Day is past but that doesn’t mean I stop thinking how to honor fathers.  We don’t always focus on the amazing things Dads do.  More often we think of to do lists.  Most Dads have plenty to do.  Many of these Fathers spend very little time pursuing their own dreams or wants because they are so invested in their family.  If they do pursue their passions they are chastised or applauded depending on the perspective of the observer.  Dads are essential nurturers.  They provide opportunities for their families but often neglect their own welfare.  How can we support male nurturers in their well-being?

I thought of ten ideas how we could support male nurturers but they seemed to be things easier said than actually done.   You’ve heard them before–say nice things, make something special, encourage hobbies, passions, etc.  Instead I think I’ll try something new and radical for me.  Maybe I should just listen.  Perhaps if I could quit thinking about my place in the equation and just focus on the male nurturers in my life and listen–even when they don’t say a word.  Perhaps a study of body language or neurology would be useful.

If I didn’t listen, please forgive me.  If I didn’t understand, I did hear you and I’m thinking.  If you don’t hear it enough, Thank You to infinity.

May you thrive in all the things you do for others.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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