From Way Back

If you’ve ever done a Liver cleanse one of the side effects is anger.  Anger comes up from way back.  The teacher embarrassed you in kindergarten about your 8’s, the boy who pushed you on the play ground, the girls who made fun of you in high school, the things you wished you would have done, the times you despaired because of others treatment. . .

Old wounds I thought I’d forgiven but up they come again and different events each time I do a liver cleanse.  This made me wonder about something.  On the news we see violence, aggression, and anger everyday.   The media feed on it like maggots on fecal matter.  Maybe if all those angry people did a cleanse, under lockdown and supervision of course, maybe they would let go of their anger and see the world differently, see themselves differently.  What if prisons gave inmates nourishing foods and a liver cleansing regime twice a year, what would be the results?  What if urban areas had better access to organic fruits and vegatables and liver cleansing teas and herbs were provided by Medicaid and other health care options?  What would humanity be like if they cleaned out?  What if everyone on the planet had access to nutrient rich, clean food and water?

I wonder.

Nourishing my tiny part of the whole is all I can control.  Even that is challenging and results are not always what I expect. Still, perhaps my nurturing will be contagious.  I can hope.

May you thrive in your elimination nurturing.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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