Crunch Therapy

Walking with a friend through winding paths of fallen leaves we found the crunch of the leaves very therapeutic for stress and anxiety.  We each have unique circumstances and experiences that lead us in different paths.  Our templates are different.  Yet we can walk together and experience bonds and healing only nature provides.  Like the design of a Christmas card differing one from another, we have a template for our life that differs from another, we have similar shared experiences.  We have a need to support one another, a need for a  safe place to talk about anger and frustration and sadness about circumstances we can’t control and consequences we don’t know how to cope with.  Most nurturers have their hours packed with little time to let  go.

My friend and I walked through the wooded area of a park crunching leaves, hiking through trails off the beaten path and talking.  We both have different templates for our lives: different education, different number of children, different nurturing styles, different upbringing, different talents and different challenges.  Despite the different designs we experience very similar, sometimes almost identical, life lessons.  We can share what we learn.  I’m able to do more research and experimentation than she is but she has contact with various experts that I don’t.  Our different  templates give us perspective.  Sharing helps us learn.  We both worry about how our inadequacies and lack of understanding affect those we nurture including our own well-being.  We encourage each other and share hope and faith.  We also let each other off the hook and motivate each other in self-forgiveness.

It may seem a selfish thing to meet a friend for a two hour lunch and crunch.  Those hours were my most productive of the day.  Burdens were lighter, to-do list priorities changed and creative juices began to flow.

May you thrive in your own template.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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