Be The Best Tree You Can Be

I was reading Christmas story to my youngest offspring, it was kind of the teenager, and I came upon the classic story of the three trees.  The one wanted to be a fancy cradle but was turned into a manger.  The second wanted to become a great ship but became a small fishing boat.  The third wanted to stay and point the way to God but became a rough cross.

The manger held the infant Savior, the boat to hold the Savior as he taught the people, and the cross to help the Savior suffer the final part of the atonement for all mankind.

I wanted to become a teacher/nurse/astronaut/filmmaker/screenwriter/storyteller/mom.  The Lord had a plan for me that is far different from my childhood dreams. I have taught in many capacities but not for pay.  I nurse my family when they are sick or wounded.  I still like to check into the NASA site and I might get to go to Mars someday.  My films are small and mostly unseen, many haven’t left my head.  My scripts and stories are unpublished and unrecognized.  I am a mom and despite my weaknesses and faults I am the best mom–today.  I thrive in nurturing others dreams, in nurturing education, in nurturing hope and possibility.  I am the best tree I can be, God made me that way and I am grateful.

May you thrive in being the best tree you can be.  Merry Christmas!  With all my love and gratitude.


About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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  1. Carolyn Johnson says:

    -Carolyn Johnson Thank you for this post it is gre

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