Drowning in Distraction

In the morning when first light meets our eyes, the desire to drown the day in distraction begins.  From wake up to bedtime our distraction addiction carves its mark on our minds.  Television, radio, game systems cell phone, computers, and other digital devices are the tools that take us away from reality and living in the present.  Reading books, news papers, and magazines can also serve as distractions from productivity and being present but not always.

Music can be a tool to help us be present and feel at ease.  Books and other tools used for work promote presence as well.  The challenge comes when we wander, as all or minds are prone to do, and dwell outside of being productive.

Sometimes offspring or other family and friends seem like distractions from productivity–this is a delusion.  Exchanges with loved ones are the purest form of presence, living in the moment.  A connection that inspires productivity through giving your whole self.

Walk in nature, deep breathing and other forms of meditation serve as productivity connections as well.  Making these connections are often seen as distractions or counter productive because they don’t result in monetary or material rewards.

To define distraction you must decide whether you seek joy or matter in the form of money, objects, property, etc.  Our society falsely says that we can seek both with ease.  Can we?

Thriving is based in simplification.  Too many goals in too many directions doesn’t lead to joy or enjoyment of matter.

May you thrive in your connections with loved ones and find productive activities that bring joy into your life.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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