Semi-Hibernation Awesomeness 2015: #1 Distraction vs. Direction

I think up great ideas in the shower.  Then I’m distracted by moldy grout, an empty shampoo bottle that reminds me to add it to the grocery list, details of personal grooming, and what time it is, how much have I accomplished,  how much do I need to get done, and will I ever cross anything off my to-do list today.  The idea is lost, sometimes for good, but occasionally it will resurface in the middle of meal preparation (I think I’ll make pancakes tonight, if you don’t mind), doing the dishes (a water theme is emerging here), while away from home taking a walk or running errands.  In the pummeling waterfall of lists, tasks, details, and expectations, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of doom and failure.  However, since failure is an option, I ask myself, “what can I learn from these distressing waves of unproductivity?”  How do I find peace in the moment?  How do I conquer the obsessive distraction compulsion?

Gratitude and meditation practices are very helpful but I find myself distracted from practicing.

As I write this dust bunnies and cobwebs are haunting my peripherals.  I breath deeply three times and ignore them.  The crumbs under the stove I viewed last week while doing yoga poses before making the kids breakfast, keep poking into my memory list.

I have no answers for this burst of steam before I simmer.  “Simplify,” I tell myself and my other self screams back, “I have twenty top priority items, how can I simplify?”

Did you know food allergens and intolerances can contribute to schizophrenia? Did you know candida or fungal infections within the body can cause disconnected thoughts and scattered thinking?

Chocolate and musicals.

I tried to simplify tasks yesterday but the list of tasks to simplify was too long and my inner thoughts drifted to finding a resolution for a community problem that I couldn’t fantasize a logical solution for after half an hour of talking to myself.

I’m still seeking thrival direction from my current stream of distraction.  God will send a word, I’m confident of that.  I just hope I’m not too distracted with waterfalls to hear the drip.

May you thrive in finding direction over distraction and please share with me your ideas, mine seem to have melted away.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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