Semi-Hibernation Awsomeness 2015 #2: Thriving Through the Depths

For those who experience some type of depression this time of year, connecting with loved ones and having meaningful life experiences seem out of hand.  I have found that lots of greens (juiced or raw are best) and a taking meditation breaks throughout the day can be very helpful.  Live Happy magazine lists 30 plus ways to thrive in February with inspiring quotes, music, movies, and books.

This is not the time of year for big changes so stick with the familiar and slow it down.  20 minutes of exercise will help you focus.  Drinking bone broth and herbal tea can warm you up and nourish you bod.  Puzzles, books, and magazines stimulate the mind and inspire.

I’ve been fighting off sleepiness since 11:30 am.  Soon I will have to run one of the offspring to some activity and a late night is in store for me.  The temptation for watching tv must be nixed and going to bed instead.

During the Depths you may not feel comfortable with affection or find that you feel more stressed about little things and of course that’s when those you nurture want to be nurtured.

How do you give affection when your mind is in several directions and the body is feeling like prey?

1.  Take three deep breaths.  Allow yourself one minute to focus on the person requiring and offering affection.

2.  Listen to them and forgive your mind wandering by gently bringing your thoughts back to them.

3.  Allow emotional irritations to hover under the surface but don’t express in that moment.  You can deal with those privately or professionally later.  (Have you heard of EFT? ).

4. Allow appropriate affection: hugging, pat shoulder, hand shake.  If necessary breath deeply and focus on light from your heart to theirs and their heart to yours.  This visualization takes some of the emotion or irrational irritation out of expression.

5.  Take time two to three times a day, like a prescription medicine, to meditate.  I use positive affirmations and prayer in the morning, EFT/affirmations/compassion meditation in the afternoon, and compassion meditation/visualization/prayer in the evening.  Meditation is slightly different from prayer for me.  Prayer is expressed outward to deity, a conversation with God.  Meditation is an internal focus.  Sometimes I intertwine them.  I have lots of index cards with meditation notes or prayer expressions.

May you thrive in the Depths by allowing yourself to exchange affection with those you nurture.


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