Family: Nature’s Masterpiece

Our new-adult son asked for directions.  We were in a public place and couldn’t find where we were supposed to go.  I was about to ask someone for directions when my son calmly and boldly asked for directions.  I’m still bursting with pride.  Maybe you think I’m over reacting but you didn’t spend over 21 years nurturing a quiet, shy child who would rather you asked the questions, not to mention that he is a man.  My husband and I won’t take all the credit for this transformation.  Our son chose to take two years off from college and serve a church mission in Guatemala.  We didn’t see him, except a few Skype calls, for the whole two years.  We wrote letters and sent weekly e-mails.  I’d like to think we as his nurturers had laid the ground work for his growth but the rest he chose to do for himself.

“Who do you think you are?” (Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts) We ask ourselves this question and sometimes we question those around us, especially our families.  As George Santayana said, “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”  Masterpieces are constructed after careful thought and with a great deal of time and expertise, or trial and error.  The family should be honored by the time we spend with each other.  We have family time every week.  By setting time aside as if it were an appointment to keep, prioritizes our family time with great value.  Each week we turn off the phone on Sunday and sometimes during other evenings so we are not disturbed for family time.  We have a movie night–sometimes our teens skip out on occasion.  We have family home evening on Monday nights with a religious framework of hymns, scriptures, and prayers around a lesson or game.  We also try to have family prayer and scripture study every day.  Usually we are lucky to have family prayer with most of the family about five days a week and scripture study about twice a week.  Why so much family time?

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Confucius

The strength of an individual derives from the efforts of the family.  Nurturing our families is the most honorable action we can provide.  Family bonds strengthen communities and our country.  Home is where patriotism, inspiration, and virtue are cultivated.

“Just know you’re not alone, ’cause I’m gonna make this place your home,” (Home by Phillip Phillips]

Let’s celebrate family time and protect it by making it a priority in our daily life.

May you thrive as you honor and celebrate family.  Make your weekly family time and see what masterpieces evolve.


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