Cultivating Hope

Lately, it seems, I pull more weeds than produce in patches of my vegetable garden.  The herb garden is taken over by chives.  I feel like torching it and starting over.  I used to have such enthusiasm for planting crops of carrots and cucumbers, thinning them, and harvesting delicious vegetables, herbs, and strawberries.  Now I don’t even want to till the soil.

Whether facing a health challenge, financial distress, or wondering which direction to go for answers, guidance,  and the skills to not only survive but thrive, growth is nurtured through cultivating hope.

Hope is a seed that needs nourishment.

1.  Go to your HAPPY place.  Spend time during the day building well-being.  Practice positivity and exercise your mental muscles.  Go to sites that can offer support like, Carol Tuttle, The Tapping Solution, and Happify or any well-being site you follow.  Follow or subscribe to sites that inspire, uplift, and motivate you like religious websites, Etsy, and NASA.  You can also read your favorite poetry, book, or magazine.

2. Nature.  Recent studies and neuroscience  prove nature therapeutic, calming, and uplifting.  Sit on a swing, take a walk or run, do yard work, draw or paint, write, but most of all listen.

3. Exercise.  Move your body; move your spirit.  Find what moves you.

4. Practice compassion.  Practice meditation which leads to a more positive outlook.  Volunteer for your favorite causes.  No matter how busy you are you can volunteer.  Some organizations need an hour or less a month while others may need more.  Talk to your local government, school, and religious organization for opportunities near you.  Smiling at all you see is a contagious service for your community.

5. Meditation.  Focus the mind, lower stress related symptoms, and improve well-being by practicing various forms of meditation every day.  Begin by taking deep breaths and completely focusing on your breaths.

May you cultivate hope and thrive as you experience patches of life.



About jjbailey

Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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