Gracious Connections: #OPT Outside Black Friday, #Small Business Saturday,Forgiveness

This Thanksgiving weekend I am looking forward to skyping my son and daughter who are visiting my parents on their break from college.  I look forward to time with my son and husband this weekend.  I had planned to go to a park and hike on Black Friday as a part of REI’s #OptOutside program, but my youngest son is getting his wisdom teeth out so I’ll be hiking the neighborhood and cleaning up blood, keeping cold packs iced and administering pain meds. Saturday is the perfect day to go to our small downtown businesses and enjoy #SmallBusinessSaturday.

As our family focuses on what we are grateful for its time to also apply forgiveness.  This enlarges our capacity for the giving season to experience joy.  I’m letting go of a few fears and forgiving myself. This will allow me to connect to others more openly as I feel freer in letting others in.  Trust is a precious gift that is about us overcoming our fears of harm and disappointment and expanding our ability to see the potential of others, that they are capable of giving and receiving appropriately, that they have the potential to care for themselves and others, that they have within themselves the strengths to add to the positive energy of the world. We have become accustomed to accepting others and our own faults instead of focusing on strengths and potential strengths.

I wish you and yours a gracious Thanksgiving and may you thrive in your Black Friday #Opt Outside, #Small business saturday, and Forgiveness.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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