Semi-Hibernation Awesomeness 2016: #1My Christmas Tree Is Still Up;Don’t Judge

I know it’s almost Valentine’s Day and my tree is still up. I usually take it down around New Year’s Day but this year I had other priorities. I had good intentions of taking it down several weeks ago. My teen son said we should keep it up all year. He likes using the lights to practice the piano by. The lights are cheerful and most of the ornaments are winter or victorian themed so it’s not too odd.

Two weeks of respiratory milieu and now that I’ve recovered I’m pondering the Christmas tree. This time of year our bodies naturally slow down and if we don’t accept that we quickly tilt off balance. Is it worth the stressor to worry about what other think about the tree still being up? Is it worth beating myself up about laziness or some other nonsense accusation? Not in the least. I’ve made a commitment to Happiness and that means that I take accountability for my choices towards that. Having the tree up, lit or not, adds to my happiness. It is a promoter of well-being.

However, due to dust allergies of a couple of household members, the tree is collecting quite the matter and it is about time to let it go. It’s on my list. And I will get to it…but I’m not in a hurry. After all Semi-hibernation dictates decreased activity and making our moments truly count.

May you thrive as you slow down and embrace the season’s cozy trend to enjoy stillness and a slower pace.


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Professional Parent, Author, creative homemaker, and endangered species.
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