This blog explores nurturing thrival.  A nurturer is any human (or living thing) that cares for another living thing.  Thrival is the act of going beyond survival in daily life and thriving as a nurturer.

I have set out to observe nurturers in the same way Jane Goodall observed chimpanzees.  Listening and watching others in their habitat may help me find ways to thrive.  Believing that most humans have the capacity to nurture others leads me to focus on the possibility of humans evolving in positive ways through nurturing thrival.

I have written a book, My Life as an Endangered Species, in which I share my journey in becoming a better nurturer through these observations.  I hope to find an agent and publisher in the near future.


2 Responses to About

  1. Martha says:

    ChristiansForever.com appreciates your insights on nurturing. Self publishing is another option.

  2. gurus4life says:

    What a lovely blog! Thank you for your generosity in sharing such inspiration!

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