Tip of the week:

Winter is a time to carefully ponder and organize.  Thais in not the time to dive into major projects but a closet here or shelf there can relieve stress.  Mess = Stress.  One person’s chaos is another’s organization.  With that in mind, establish family guidelines for acceptable chaos.


Remember Mom by donating to a charity on her behalf.

           I reccommend


Spring Cleaning Begins with Doors.

As portas da percepção

As portas da percepção (Photo credit: Antimidia)

Yes, those doors need a good wipe down, stained wood doors need some polish or wood oil.  Old t-shirt or cotton clothes are great for this job.

Also prepare your garden beds, plant lettuce, carrots, peas. . .

Clear the weeds from the warm spring one section at a time (This might take me until next spring)

Enjoy the sunshine regardless of the temperature outside.


Use salt to kill the weeds in between the cracks in your driveway.



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