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Weird, Crazy, or Insane?

Nurturing has its challenges and we often call surprising actions weird, such as the green and purple streaks in your son’s friends hair when really we mean, “My how creative you are. What possessed you to be brave?” As nurturers … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Win the War Against Worry | Live Happy Magazine

Anxiety expert Karen Cassiday, Ph.D., takes us on a step-by-step route to living a life less plagued by worry. Some of her techniques may surprise you. Source: 6 Steps to Win the War Against Worry | Live Happy Magazine

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I work for Hugs

In the many experiences I have as a professional nurturer and in observing other nurturers I am always amazed of the power of unconditional love-giving 100% without expecting anything in return. So much of my life I have done good … Continue reading

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