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Semihibernation Awesomeness 2018 #2: Repeat

What worked well for you in the past year? Are the things that you didn’t get done really important for you to do? Did you make commitments or promises to others that you haven’t fulfilled? Is it really in the … Continue reading

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Dirt Road Daily#16: The Wisdom of Awe

Recently, my friend M and I headed into the woods together for our first overnight backpacking experience. We both have an appreciation for nature and a spark for adventure. Our first night we  camped near a lake serenaded by frogs. With … Continue reading

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Weaknesses are Potential Strengths

How many times have you identified a weakness and then set out to make improvements but fall short of your goals or do well for a time and then drop back?  We are not wired in our brains for some … Continue reading

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